News flashed around on the jungle telegraph today,special offers on meat at the Co-op. The Co-op is good for food as their ad states but it tends to be pricey at normal rates.
I was unsure what to make for dinner so I high-tailed it down there along with a couple of the island's wise virgins or merry widows,take your pick which description fits. As virgins are as rare as hens teeth here I would go for the latter.
There were indeed some offers and I picked three. (food dishes that is not merry widows)
Two are succulent chicken breast dishes.
There is a pair of juicy Hunter's chicken breasts wrapped in oak smoked bacon and covered in Cheddar and red Leicester cheese with a sachet of barbecue sauce and a pair if the same with Mediterranean herbs and peppers with a Mediterranean dressing.£7 for those dishes,a little expensive but worth it
So they are in the fridge waiting for Ellen to take her pick then I will freeze the other. Or she can choose two good sized Cod steaks in beer batter caught in the North Atlantic by the Scottish fleet £1:95 down from £2:60 for those,the choice is hers. As one portion of fish and chips is £4:00 at the chippy they are cheap enough and certainly large enough. The fish is not suitable for freezing so will be eaten today or tomorrow with home made chips and mushy peas.

Rain here today after a few days of sunshine and it's a lot cooler of course and the cats are cabined up with me after their days of long adventures in the sun.

I am going to have a snack for lunch another bargain, I bought 4 small pork pies for £1, I have had them before and they are delicious. I will eat two and leave two for Ellen to snack on before dinner when she berths in home port.