Hello folks. I would like to thank you all so much for your kind words please believe me they are a comfort. I had a chat with Gemma this morning she is looking tired of course but much more composed. Arron had a long night,he spent a large part of it cradling Gemma's head on his lap,so he was sleeping this morning. Gemma sends her thanks to all of you lovely people for leaving messages and a special mention to Jenny who exchanged messages with Arron last night and brought him some comfort.

It all unfolded thus. As most of you know Gemma went for a scan a few days ago to check if it was indeed a pregnancy and the health of them both. The baby had a strong heartbeat and the reckoned she was around 8 weeks on so the miscarriage came as a shock. When the specialist examined her she was in fact only 5 to 6 to weeks and this is the time the baby is attaching. The shocking thing is,to me a least, that one in twelve mothers to be abort at this time.
The outcome is, Gemma's health is good physically ( Thank you for asking that Gracie) and there is no reason why they can't go on to have babies in the future. Gemma is a strong character and will come through this and help Arron along the way.