I wrote in my earlier blog that thunder was around and rain forecast so I abandoned plans for a stroll. I had a light lunch of poached eggs on toast and started to prep the veg for dinner. I diced carrot and onion into small pieces,crushed some garlic and got the minced beef from the fridge, I browned the meat in a large wok with a little olive oil and drained it of the gunk. Next the carrot and onion went into a the wok and cooked for 3 or four minutes before I added the mince, the garlic followed as did Worcester sauce,tomato purée and a little mixed spice. I brought it to the boil and then simmered it for 30 minutes and let it cool down The spuds and cheese I did nearer dinner time.
When I finished that the threatening clouds had vanished and at last it was time to release the knees and sit in the garden in tea shirt and shorts reading . I started on a collection of short stories by Dickens a few days ago and there are plenty of them on different topics and very enjoyable
I was content with my lot for an hour until the clouds returned not rain clouds but they blocked the sun. I wandered in and peeled the spuds and made a coffee,it wasn't long before the sun returned and it was thus all afternoon with periods of lovely sun interspersed with cloud and the distant thunder rumbling away constantly. Temps got up to 73f which is very good for May in my corner of the world. All in all a very pleasant afternoon until just after 5 when the rain finally came. It wasn't heavy thundery rain but steady summer rain feeding my wild flower plants and weeds alike,it doesn't have a discrimination policy. The change in the weather was a signal to crack on with dinner and very enjoyable it was. The filling got a little excited and tried to escape around the edges of the potatoes and cheese.

Catch after a pot washing session. Have fun.