Gemma and Arron gave us some wonderful news yesterday,Gemma is pregnant with their first child. Everybody is delighted of course and Jenny extremely amused that soon she will be phoning a great grandfather every night. Cheeky sod!!
In other news I managed to get theback grass cut yesterday so all the grassed areas are now cut and strimmed and the garden is starting to look a little like somebody cares.The borders have a lot of greenery in them which looks promising,I'll know better in a few weeks. Here is a photo of Sooty who after helping me clear up the grass after the cutting,went on a crazy gallop around the garden before flopping down in his little hollow by the fruit trees. He still has a slightly manic look in his eyes.

The grass cutting came just in time because this morning the rain is back so no wandering for me today. Catch you soon.