This morning started nice and sunny with temps already up to the mid 50s when I set off for a wander at 9 o'clock.
I decided on a walk through the park and the little wild area so set off in ambling mode down the prom to the park entrance.
The park has quiet places to sit and maybe picnic and there is a nice play area for the little ones. From there the valley the park is in gets deeper and apart from a path cut through the centre left pretty much to mother nature. It is a lovely walk of about 900yards from park entrance to the path climbing out. Trees abound and plenty of little paths shoot off into rougher areas mostly up the steep embankment.
At the end of the walk you will spot a young girl on a steep path,that's the end of the greenery. From there I passed the allotments which I lived beside as a child up to the site of the George hotel,what was a fine building a few weeks ago is now a heap of rubble. I took a couple of shots of the allotment on the corner before heading home down the route I posted a few days ago so I didn't take any photos from here onwards. The total distance was a tad over 2 miles and very enjoyable it was,the smell of blossom in the valley and the birdsong was enchanting.

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This afternoon after a prepared a lamb hot pot for cooking later I mowed and strimmed the front grass which was enough for my back after yesterday's session with the strimmer on the rough back area so tomorrow is the day for mowing the back then I'm all done for a week or so.If I leave it any longer it is likely to rain for days and the grass will take off again on a growing below for more photos
I finished the garden work off by digging a dead blackcurrant bush out.It was growing next to the patch that floods and has rotted away.
Lamb hotpot for dinner simmering away in the oven and starting to smell delicious, catch you soon