It was one of those sunny halcyon days of a childhood summer and I headed out with two friends Dave and Mike looking for adventure. We set off across the fields opposite my house and down to what we called the river,it was in fact no more than a brook about 8ft wide and a couple of ft deep that flowed through what is now the little wild area.
I came across an old tin bath and that's when the fun started,Dave found the body of an old babies pram so we were set for adventures on the high seas ( Mike had strict orders to stay clean as the family had visitors coming so he stayed ashore)

We dragged our vessels to the water and I clambered in giving Mike instructions to give me a good push. Dave pulled an even sillier stunt ,he found an old tree branch and planned to stand in the pram and pole himself over. The result was inevitable,prams are no more seaworthy than tin baths and as I tumbled in Dave who had managed to stay upright until then laughed so much he soon followed me.
So the sea going adventure ended in shipwreck and we had to trudge home soaking wet to face the music and get changed.When I got dry and changed clothes ready for the off again I had firm instructions from my mother who had the neighbour round for tea and biscuits not to get wet again. As I was leaving I heard them laughing so I got off lightly,what's a little ridicule? Well nothing at all I was used to being the family clown and I was dry again and off on more adventures,this time land based.