For the first time since Friday afternoon I have the house to myself,at least for a little while. Having Colin to stay and Ellen cook me two delicious meals as well as her doing the washing up and vacuuming right through while I was shopping yesterday was a nice change but. There is always a but I find,this one is that it is nice to have the house to myself again,the cats are off on an adventure and it is almost like before Ellen and the cats arrived. That is apart from Ellen's laptop,battery charger and handbag lying around plus the cats toys strewn all over the carpet. Perfect peace and quiet.
Today I am going to make a simple sausage casserole dish,with Italian tomatoes and herbs,simple to prepare and cook,and a one dish wonder which I like.

We have some colour here at last,not in my garden but in John's,right up against the dividing wall so I have a good view of it.

Time for coffee and toast I think,catch you soon.