A strangely lazy weekend for me. As you may know Ellen invited Colin for the weekend and on Friday I was cook with the gammon.
Yesterday just after a lunch of steak pie bought by Ellen from the farm shop she asked me what was for dinner and I told her I hadn't thought of it yet. She asked it I fancied minced beef and dumplings which I did but had no mince,she said that was OK she would buy it and cook it with mash potatoes,carrots and onion gravy. She not only cooked the dinner but washed the pots and pans as well and very tasty it was. Today she is cooking again, roast chicken with sprouts,carrot and swede with roast and boiled potatoes. Colin is the washer up. How is that for a restful couple of days? This is a very rare occurrence in my life and a nice change.
Today was my normal Sunday shopping day and I strolled over taking a different route to show you some more of the town over the bridge,the photos are self explanatory being mostly shops,plus the bus stop home just a few yards from the last shop I visit and the bench I sit on people watching while waiting for my ride home