With rain promised for the next few days today I needed to get stuck into the garden.
This morning I started by weeding the borders,an easy job made more difficult because I had Sooty as a helper. I short break after that and then I gave the new mower it's maiden run on the front garden. Another break and then I tackled the back and only cut the properly grassed areas instead of ploughing into the rough areas as I am pretty sure this lead to the demise of the old machine. I didn't get the strimmer out for the side by the fruit bushes my back was telling me enough is enough so I cleaned and stored the mower. The patch is only 16ft X12X so it's not a big job when I am fresh I might even get it done tomorrow before the rain comes that is if my back lets me.
Hopefully Jenny should be back on line tomorrow folks wish her luck.

Ellen took this snap of Zazzles,she heard him meowing but couldn't locate him until she looked out of her bedroom window,as you can see this no on the ground floor. Both cats are good climbers and get into the most unlikely places. I think I've earned a beer,catch you soon.