I gave up on getting a mower from the local free serve yesterday and when on line to get the one I had saved in my checkout basket. It was a fiver cheaper than anywhere else I could find and advertised as next day free delivery. As yesterday was a Bank holiday I hoped for a Wednesday delivery so I was surprised and delighted to receive an E mail this morning saying the mower would be delivered today between 10:40 and 11:40. There was a tracking link which I clicked on expecting the usual vague info but this one is different. It showed a map with the van on it showing the location of the van in real time and the number of drop. I was (25) and the drop he was on (3) I was also informed the drivers name was Rick. At 10:50 the van appeared,this is certainly the best service I have had and it is bang on time for me to start my weekly grass trim. This is much easier than letting it grow longer. The mower itself is a later model of the one I had and has an improved method of removing the blade carrier for easy access to the fan blade for cleaning,just half a turn with one hand and the job's done, brilliant. The old one needed one hand on the fan, two on the blade carrier and a power lifters strength to budge it. The mathematically gifted amongst you will have realised that adds up to a three hand job, not easy when I only have two.
The sun is shining here after a wet night and with things drying up nicely I will go on a weed hunt later and destroy some baddies. Time for lunch I'll catch up later