A lot of things change on our winding path through life,one of these is our status of course. But this is about personal standing in the family pecking order. When I was a boy I was always being asked if I was Jim's boy and this carried on into adulthood,or as near as I ever got to reaching it. For a brief few years I was top dog and my children were being asked if they were my offspring. As they grew older things changed again I was was being asked if I was their father, I sensed a power shift there,now farther down the path my son is being asked if he is the father of Gemma and Carl and I am at the bottom of the pile being asked if I am their grandfather. How things change. This is not be earth stopping news of course just one of my observations on life.

A rainy day here again after two days of sunshine so I was lucky the mower held out long enough to get the grass cut,by the time cutting times comes around again I will have a new machine and as Gracie commented hopefully be able to broker a good deal on one.
I have a note on the local free serve site asking if anybody has one they don't need taking up space so I will wait until Monday before I make a move if nothing is forthcoming,after all a free one is better than paying.
Time for lunch here,ham and cheeses butties today,that will wake the cats from their slumber,they can smell food in their sleep. A cooking free day here dinner is going to be a Lasagne plucked from the freezer and into the oven.