Two busy days on the trot here. Yesterday after I showed you the snaps of the neighbours gardens I grabbed some lunch and set too mowing the back garden. All went well and after prepping dinner I strimmed all the edges as well, a job well done.
Today dawned lovely and sunny with not a cloud in the sky,a chance too good to miss so I stripped my bed grabbed my dressing gown and some towels from the bathroom and loaded them into the washing machine. I had them washed and hung on the whirly by 8:30,a good start to the day.

I mooched around for an hour to let the dew dry up on the front garden and started on that. I just got to the end of the larger section of grass when trouble loomed. The distinctive smell of electronic equipment overheating wafted into the air. I looked down and a little puff of blue smoke rose from the mower. This was not good. I left the mower to cool down and cut the smaller section of grass with the strimmer,not ideal for my back. When I finished and cleaned the strimmer I carried the stricken mower into the back garden set up my worktop and had a look see. The handles and top are in one piece and were easily removed to reveal the motor cover. This had 3 screws two of which were accessible but the other was a bitch to get at. I started with the bitch of course,I always do the hardest part of any job first because then things can only get easier. Lifting a still hot cover I gazed in dismay at the sight before me. The motor was a molten mess and still hot even half an hour or so after I turned it off. So after I have cannibalised it for any useful parts that's a piece of junk for the scrap man and I need to order a new one before I can mow the grass again.
Oh well onward and upward. At least my laundry has had a good blow in the breeze and dried all bar the heavy dressing gown, just in time because a sea fog is rolling in.
Time for lunch a nice steak pie with peas and gravy methinks, catch you soon.