I spied some bluebells at the far end of the green where the cats play so toddled off clutching my camera to take a look see.
There is a nice display there,I think Bimbo dumped a couple when he was clearing a trench for his wall foundations a few years ago and they have taken hold.

While I was round the back I thought I would show you my neighbours gardens.Bimbo has a high wall surrounding it as you can see in the bluebell photo so nothing to show there.
More luck at Jannine's where I took a snap of Luiz play area,is that smart or what?

Allan also has a high wall around his but it is only a concrete yard anyway so there is nothing to see.

The neighbours on the other side of me are John and Pauline and this is their garden full of pots.

They have blossom on this tree

and a few of these pretty flowers on a trellis.

This is the view from my garden looking down theirs.

There is another house on the end of the block where Linda lives but that too has a high wall.

That's the end of my mini neighbourhood tour,time or lunch.