A sunny morning here and with no Sunday shopping trip and with my back recovering well from the grass cutting I decided to clear some of the undergrowth to let some daylight at the seedings popping up. I just finished the borders when the weather changed and the rain came.
That was my last chore of the day because with Colin here for the weekend Ellen decided we should have roast chicken for dinner.So Ellen was the galley wench and Colin prepped the veg.She cooked the chicken in a roasting bag as I instructed ( these bags are by far the beast way to cook meat as it self bastes as it cooks.She made roast and mashed potatoes,sprouts,brocolli and carrots with stuffing balls all in an onion gravy and very tasty it was. It was rare for me having a meal cooked while I put my feet up. She also washed the pots and pans and cleared away a real treat for me. The weather has closed in with showers and a cold north eastery sweeping through so it's eyes on the goggle box for me watching the footie.Catch you later