A busy day in the homestead today. Ellen and Colin wandered off into town for the ingredients for tomorrow's Easter dinner,which they are cooking by the way.
In the meantime I cut and strimmed the front grass and then I took a lunch break before attacking the back,two sessions on that with a break in between and all is looking shipshape and Bristol fashion.Things look promising in the borders with lots of seeding showing so I might get a show of sorts.
Ellen's turn to be busy on their return from town.She was on hair cutting duty and cut both mine and Colin's. Her next job was when Gemma appeared she waxed Ellen's eyebrows and then Ellen returned the complement.
Then time for dinner and Colin didn't get a free day either I set him loose with my new grill/hotplate and he rustled up some nice grilled grub for dinner and they both washed the pots.Now all is calm,they have gone off for a walk in the later afternoon sunshine,the cats are off on an adventure and I have the house to myself for a little while.Perfect peace I'll catch you soon after a session on the massage chair to ease my aching back.