I thought to hang the photo of the Dandelion just because I like it so wanted a companion for it.I came across this photo of a bee on a daisy I snapped in 2012 and decided that would fit the bill.

So I took down the two photos of vintage tractors from alongside the sepia water scenes and hung the new ones there. They give the back wall a dash of colour which it needed.

The stuff hanging on the wall are trinkets from family and friends,the two signs from my children and grandchildren of course.I like the homemade rustic look of those. The rest are a couple more from the kids together with stuff from Jenny,Nancy,Cliff and Elaine. ( the latter two are not wired in so you won't know them. The more observant amongst you may spot a key,why a key? Well why not,it was lying around with no purpose in mind and it's shiny that's good enough for me.You may also notice nothing is symmetrical or spaced in any uniform way that is because I like random,it's a little like my life.
Two birthdays in the family this week Gemma today and Stephen tomorrow so father and daughter very nearly born on the same date. We will meet up for drinks in the next couple of days.