Another lovely day here so a walk along the beach to Thorny Nook was the thing to do.I didn't want to walk too far from home after yesterday's gardening session and on this route I was sure of a lift home if my back started acting the oil can. A raise of the hand to a passing motorist would see me safely delivered to my door.
As I hit the beach the first thing I saw was the storm damage,a large section of the bank has collapsed and pebbles have taken it's place.This stretch is about 200 yards long,farther south more damage but the pebbles have been returned to their rightful place here.I guess there are people
working south to north repairing as they go.I saw the same scenes all the way along the one mile stretch to Thorny and have no reason to believe the don't occur for the full length of the island's west coast.
I turned into Thorny and walked to the village taking a couple of snaps of horses waiting to go to greener pasture and two or three sheep already there basking in the sun before turning north and heading home. There are two large fields of rape that look ready to harvest,the look really pretty with the sun shining on their golden flowers swaying in the breeze. I managed to find a place to clamber over for a close-up of the flowers,they are pretty.
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The last half a mile home was starting to pain my back and a session on the massage chair was needed when I got in. (note to self: don't drink coffee on the massage chair )
Now I am rested up and am off to make some lunch, catch you soon.