The day dawned warm with a slight mist that soon lifted and left a pleasant morning with the promise of sun later. After a leisurely coffee,toast and honey breakfast watching the birds I checked on supplies needed and wandered to the shop. It was slow going because folk were starting out on the day's activities so plenty of chats were had along the way.
The cats came to welcome me on my return of course and after decided my shopping was of no interest to them they wandered of into the back garden. I left the door ajar and opened the window for them to come and go as they pleased. As I was on my second coffee of the day I heard the cat flap in the side door bang twice in rapid succession and Sooty with Zazzles right on his heels flashed pass me and out of the window,a few seconds later Zazzles ran in the back door with Sooty in hot pursuit.The clambered over the settee,scattered everything off the coffee table and headed for the stairs. There were a few bangs and clatters from the vicinity of Ellen's room the all went quiet. A few minutes later they came down and stretched out on their cushions. Zazzles stayed there for 2 hours before stirring himself,feeding and slinking off on another adventure,Sooty opened one eye for a peek and settled down for another hour before he too wandered off.

All is now quiet after a morning on the magical merry-go-round of moggie mayhem.I will get a damage report from Ellen's room when she gets home