A cloudy morning but signs of a better day ahead so I decided to give the grass it's second cut. I started on the front with the idea of doing that one this morning and the larger back garden after lunch.
I duly finished the front in just under an hour and decided to take a break so with coffee and ginger biscuits at the ready I fired this machine up to have a gander. ipernity refused to let me on for some reason so I checked my news and weather feeds. That is when the gardening plan changed,showers were forecast for early afternoon. This meant a short break and back to work.
With the back done and tools put away it was time for lunch but not before I checked on ipernity which was behaving itself by then. After lunch and my back is feeling a little sore so I am back writing this before a session on the massage chair and then I will tackle dinner,a one pot wonder today as Ellen is working until 5. I am making savory beef mince ( from the butchers no supermarket horse meat for me thank you very much ) with onion,garlic,carrots and peas, plus few herbs and a little spice to liven it up and I will whip up some batter and make two large Yorkshire puddings for us to fill,lovely grub.
P.S.the weathermen got it wrong again the sun is shining now. Catch you later