A lovely spring morning for my walk into town. I spotted there were boats lining the quayside ready to be lowered into the water for the season ahead so headed that way. I took a couple of snaps while passing and climbed an embankment on the other side to get a view of the forest of masts as the boats waited their turn. Most of these sailing boats are moored south of the bridge so 4 or 5 boats make up little fleets and pass under the raised bridge at once.It will take a week or so to get them all into the water because they have to work with the tides and weather.

Colin is staying the weekend end so I am off kitchen duties for them they cook themselves and tidy up afterwards leaving me free to do my own thing and cook food they don't eat. Ellen also did the housework and laundry while I was at the shops so another treat for me. The weather was good so Ellen hung the clothes on the whirly,the first time this year we have been able to dry them outside.
Off to make myself black pudding and bacon butties,lovely grub.Catch you soon.