A dull grey morning here but at least it was dry. Tomorrow is Mothering Sunday despite the more commercial Americanized version named Mother's day appearing in recent years.That is just unashamed greed,people trying to get children involved in oneupmanship and fleecing the youngsters. I hate the money men getting hold of tradition and exploiting it,look at what they have done to Christmas,it is now a 6 month long bombardment of the population telling them what the need.
Mothering Sunday was always a badly cooked breakfast in bed followed by the children presenting the gifts offered not in competition with what their friend bought but for the love given by a good mother.Mostly the gifts were a small bunch of daffodils and a box of Dairy Milk chocolates and very gratefully received they were.

Gripe over so back to the chase. I walked along the channel side but the visibility was poor so I cut inland thus avoiding the big climb.I arrived to find mother hobbling and discovered my sister Paula (the scatty one) had cut mother's toe nails for her and the big right toenail was cut far too short,you will know yourself how this can sting a little,well on an 88 year old already suffering enough pain it was just an added burden and she took it in her stride (or hobble) as always. I gave her a large flower arrangement all done up in fancy paper and ribbons which brought a smile to her face,she does love flowers. I put the rest of the shopping I brought for her in the cupboards I was ordered to by limp along mother and fetched a vase of water for her to arrange the flowers in. I was immediately sent back for a larger one of course. Then we settled down to swop news stories.It is a couple of weeks since I last visited so we had a lot to get through.
Finally with another shopping list for my trip to town tomorrow tucked away I left and caught the bus homeward.I left the bus a couple of stops early because today was my treat myself lunch day. I called at the chippy for fish,chips,mushy peas and a couple of large pickled onions,boy did that hit the spot when I came home. Now I am back home of course the sky has cleared and the sun is shining.Never mind maybe tomorrow's shopping trip will be with the sun on my face.

P.S clocks forward one hour tonight Brits for what is laughingly called British Summer Time.