A cold dry morning with rain due later here so I decided on a stroll.What I thought was going to be an amble along the shore turned into a brisk walk.Going up to the beach was pleasant if a little cool but when I hit the edge it was a different story, by but it was Baltic. I decided the short 2 mile walk along to the golf course and back inland was the best bet if I didn't want to get really cold.
There were few people about and no sign of birds feeding on the waters edge so there was nothing of interest to photograph.That was until I turned to walk alongside the golf course on the homeward route.There I spied the only two pieces of colour in the whole walk.
Firstly a little bunch of daffodils nestling in the deep rough alongside the ninth green

and farther along the gorse is finally flowering.

Back home I fortified my inner self with chicken soup and crusty bread follow by sausage butties with Branston and a mug of coffee. That hit the spot.

I was going to make chicken and pasta for dinner but in these temps I think a chicken stew or casserole might be a better idea. Have fun and stay warm.