As some of you know we get very strong gusts of wind. Yesterday it only took one to spread these things around the garden,the little planter was ripped fom the ground,the tray blown out of the bird feeder the rest were neatly stacked at the top of the garden in a sheltered place,or so I thought.The gusts were only in the high 40s but then a rogue one came and this was the result,more of the same expected over the next few days,Oh goodie.

On a lighter note I received an e mail from my cousin Pat who is from the Irish side of the famiy. He has just made in home from the rugby international in France at the weekend.He became pals with a couple of French supporters and they have been partying the time away until he was low enough on funds (plus threats from his wife Bridie I guess) to make his way home.That's the Irish I guess. Oh by the way he arrived home sans luggage,he has no idea where his case is and can't remember when he last seen it or indeed where.
I should add that Pat is no spring chicken,he has 2 or 3 years on me so he will be at least 70 but shows no sign of slowing down.