A dull morning but at least is was dry so I set off to visit my old mam. I was planning to go yesterday but of course the weather put paid to that idea.
I decided to walk, a brisk walk on a coldish day is very invigorating I walked along the channel side to the second level and with the visibility being poor cut through the industrial estate to complete the trip.
Mother was in good fettle and we spent a couple of hours catching up on the family news before it was time for the return trip. With no hope of decent photos of the fells there was no point climbing over the tops so retraced my steps. I got a tad under 6 miles into these old legs without any after effects which was good for this early in the year. I made a coffee and egg and bacon bap to refresh the inner man and sat awhile watching the starlings squabble over the fat balls.
The sun has broken through now all too late for the walk of course but I will have a session on the massage chair and then see if I am fit to get back into the garden.
Catch you soon have fun.