The day dawned nice and mild and as I rose the sun was just peeping over the rooftops,a grand day ahead.
After breakfast I decided to check out the front grass to see if it was dry enough to cut and if I could mow it or needed to strim first. Good news on both counts dry grass and the mower should handle it.With my back in good shape with no effects of yesterdays work I set to. There is a problem if working on the front if a quick job is needed.The problem is neighbours.It is the law around here that if you see anybody working it is your solemn duty to stop them so they don't overtire themselves.In the respect this morning I had Allan,Linda,Bimbo,Brenden and Alf all making sure I didn't over-strain myself,isn't that kind of them?
It was almost 2 hours later before I finished a job that takes 30minutes if there are no interruptions.

It was too near lunch time to check the back garden out so I rested up before lunch,after lunch with my back still behaving I wandered into the thankfully neighbour free back.The grass here will definitely need strimming so I put that off until tomorrow. I had plenty to do raking the dead foliage from the borders and small flower beds and there I got a pleasant surprise.When I removed the dead stuff underneath there is signs of new growth,with around a dozen little green things popping up randomly. I was pleased to see the Sweet William is looking good and right in the corner there are tiny green shoots appearing,this is where I sowed bluebells last back end.
There are no actual blooms anywhere yet bar this little fella,a daisy of some sort I guess but larger than the lawn daisies I get,this one is 30cm across.
By the aroma coming from the kitchen I think the sausage and bacon casserole is ready so I'll plate up and dig in. After dinner Ellen is going to lower my ears then I'll catch up on here,see you soon.