Another sunny day here but no walk for me.I got stuck into removing the pruned branches from the fruit bushes and fighting the dead grass that was growing in the gooseberry bushes.Gooseberry bushes are sneaky little buggers,they lash out and impale the unwary with nasty thorns if care is not taken. Two hours,three breaks and one large garden wheelie bin filled to the brim later I called it a day.
The ground is drying out nicely and another two or three days of dry weather and I should be able to get the first grass cutting done.Then I will tackle the borders and see if there is any sign of plants coming through,the will need to be wearing full scuba diving kit to have survived I think but Mother Nature is a tough old beast so maybe there is something.
I have just cleaned my gardening boots an tools so it's time for a coffee,catch you later.