A glorious morning here,just the weather for a stroll over town to Iceland.
As I crested the brow of the hill leading to the promenade I caught sight of the Lakeland fells in the distance,this view is looking towards Consiston. I reached the bridge and got my first view of Black Combe for a while as the weather has been overcast of late.I have seen this view many times over the years as regulars on here have but when I see it I realise again how contented I am to live on this scruffy little island with such views on hand.
I strolled over the bridge and into the Little Haven not much happening here yet in the way of colour but a few buds are appearing and the air was filled with birdsong.

Down on the channel side I spotted an Oyster catcher and a couple of Red Shanks at the waters edge. I left there or the short walk to Iceland and browsed around for my food shop wishing I had picked the list of requirements up from my table before I left home. Shopping done and delivery arranged I retraced my steps homeward.I took a snap of a small boat on the channel.It is hard to believe this is the same Irish Sea that battered the island a short while ago.The old girl was in a good mood today.

I returned home and was met by two cats who questioned me about my trip and how dare I return with no bags for them to explore.Seeing I had nothing interesting they turned tail and wandered off on an adventure.
Now I am sat at my window in the sunshine and about to go and top the bird feeder up and clean the water dish out.

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