I have had a tidy weekend.The weather has been dry but overcast so not good for long leisurely strolls. To compensate for that I have had a good weekend,the family all visited me.
Yesterday morning I had a stroll to the shop and met Stephen at the end of the street who was doing the same thing. We spent a pleasant hour or so wandering the shops and chatting to each other and mutual friends we met.
In the afternoon Carl dropped by to see me and spent an hour watching sport and chatting before he left to put the nose bag on.
Still the visits came,Gemma and Arron came round in the evening and spent a couple of hours chatting with Ellen and me. All in all a very pleasant day and this morning it continued. I was setting off on my Sunday morning trip to the shops in town and I met Stephen again doing the same thing so I had company until we reached Morrisons then went our separate ways,Stephen to Aldi and me to B&M and Herons freezer shop. Back home I had a nice lunch and am halfway through watching the sport before making dinner
I was hoping to start clearing the offcuts in the garden this afternoon but I got a twinge in my back carrying a backpack full of frozen food home so decided it could wait.