With a dry day for the 3rd day running I decided to start the rescue mission on the garden.
The bottom corner where the fruit bushes are.I attacked the gooseberry bushes with secateurs,hedge shears and branch saw.
After 2 hard hours and a little damage from the wicked gooseberry and bramble thorns I had not only the back cleared but also cut the blackcurrant bushes along the side right back to the house.
I now have all the offcuts, brambles and all the dead grass tangled in the bushes to clear but not wanting to bush my fragile back any farther I called it a day. After an hour in my comfy chair and a mug of coffee I am fully refreshed and about to have some dinner.I will post before and after photos of the garden rescue when each section is finished.
Ellen returns from her and Colin's search of accommodation tonight,so I will know more about things later.
Now it's time to get the nose bag on I'll catch up later.