A few people wondered why Jenny and me don't Skype instead of phoning each other.There are reasons for this,firstly it is the end of the day and we both want to relax so I sit with my feet up, my little table beside me containing a full briar and a brandy or beer. For her part Jenny likes to relax on the sofa and Skyping would mean her sitting hunched over a lap top,not relaxing a posture at all.
Another reason is I have given up Skype again and remembered why I gave it up last time.It is lack of privacy.If I log on to Skype without being visible nobody knows I am there but the moment I show to ring somebody at a prearranged time I am swamped by 4 or 5 people wanting to talk.While I find this flattering I really do not have the time to spend chatting on Skype for hours,the only quiet time I have is at the end of the day when I talk to Jenny.
So I am now back on Yahoo messenger, a much superior beast,here I can show visible to whom I please so can contact or be contacted by somebody without being disturbed.
Please don't think I am being unsociable it is just keeping busy is my chosen lifestyle and on messenger we all understand that some people do not have time to talk for long periods and most of the time it is just a 10 minute call before one or the other has to leave.

I have to wait in for a delivery today my latest kitchen appliance is due so I will report on that later.Hopefully I will get a e.t.a shortly and as the weather is pleasant I should get a stroll in later
but now it is high time I did my morning chores so I will catch up later.