Yesterday finished in an odd way. As most of you know I have been talking to Jenny on the phone every night bar for her Summer holidays for a long time now.We first started in 2008 and have been going strong ever since. I have a timer set for 56 minutes which gives us 4 minutes to round up and hang up.This is because we get free calls for one hour.
A lot of people have asked how we find things to talk about every single night,I don't know but we do and always run out of time before topics. We have shared or victories and joys, troubles and defeats along the way knowing there is always a friend to lean on at the other end of the phone.
Yesterday was Tony and Stevie's wedding of course so she was away all day and will have plenty to tell me when she returns,accompanied by photos for us all I hope.

This morning started dry and promised much,unfortunately it didn't last and with the rain hammering down now I will be cabined up. We have high tides with a 1 metre storm surge due at 12 noon,luckily the gales haven't arrive so flooding should not be widespread.

I am off to prepare some veg,I am making myself lamb chops with roast spuds,carrots and swede in an onion gravy today,real comfort food that, but first it will be chicken soup with crusty bread for lunch. Catch you soon