Bernard asked if I would like the keep the cats when Ellen leaves,the answer is no and here are a few reasons why.
Things I can't do at the moment
Watch Blue-tits,Goldfinch,Chaffinch,Green Finch,Robins,Blackbirds,Thrushes and others in my garden because the cats were on a slaying spree when they arrived and the birds don't visit anymore.All I get now are Starlings and sparrows and not in the numbers I used to.
Sow my wild Flower Garden,last year the cats dug it up and crapped in it as soon as I sowed the seeds.
Read, watch TV,eat a meal or have a foot spa without one or the other of them disturbing me with their constant whining.
Keep my house clear of cat hairs and dead or dying creatures of one sort or another.

I think they are reason enough to want my life back quite apart from the effect they have had on my health.I am on double the meds since they come and am unable to relax completely and will until the three of the up sticks and leave giving me my freedom back.