It is going to be an interesting few days here. Ellen is going to meet her beau Colin in Blackpool after work and will be there until Wednesday.There is a purpose to this visit,they are looking for accommodation suitable for them and the cats. When they find it Ellen will be upping sticks and finding work there,that should be easy with her qualifications.
This will mean I get my life back and maybe even get my blood pressure down again as I am on tablets twice the strength of before they landed on my shores.
I can go back to my nice easy routine without restrictions on movements, meal times or diet.( Ellen won't eat a lot of the food I eat such as curries,peppers,liver and onions,corned beef hash,mushrooms,garlic--the list goes on.I can afford to be cooking two different meals so I eat whenever it suits her depending on when her shift finishes). Today I am making myself a chicken curry,tomorrow a take away from the chippy and Sunday maybe lambs liver and onions with rough mash and carrots.Monday a nice beef stir fry with lots and peppers mushrooms and a little garlic all in a sweet and sour sauce on a bed of Basmati rice,lovely grub.

On the weather front the people here in vulnerable areas are keeping an eye on the forecast for wind speeds,we have high tides again at the weekend and a one metre tidal surge is predicted.