With the sun shining I made a break for freedom this morning and took a stroll along the beach. Although the sun was out a bitter wind reminded me it is still February.There were a few hardy dog walkers scurrying along just in a hurry get off the beach but I was the only stroller.
The tide was receding and I spotted Oyster Catchers following it out,good feeding ground for these fellas with cockles and mussels in abundance. The bank is still in winter mode and looking very rugged. I headed north to the golf course and turned for home.
I passed the George Hotel on the way back.A fine building barely 100 years old but declining trade has forced it to close it's doors for the last time and it awaits demolition to make way for housing.There is a stay of execution until spring because bats were found in one of the attics and they can't be rehoused until the warmer weather.
I only walked just over 2 miles but with the biting wind that was enough.