I am having a busy day here.
This morning I decided it was time to move my computer back along
the wall to the window looking into the garden,the garden is a mess of course but it's a great place for bird watching while I breakfast.I had made my mind up to bring the glass topped table from the kitchen in,put it in situ then transfer everything to it which I did.I had to empty and remove the top from the table to get it through the door.
Everything was shifted over and plugged in and that was the first
part of the shift completed and time for a coffee.
The next part was moving the heavy wooden table into the kitchen.This does fit through the door on it's side with a bit of jiggling and cursing at two not very helpful cats.The containers I removed from the glass one were stacked on it
.Stage two completed and the last leg was to re-position the sofa to where the table stood but first out came the Vax and a vacuumed both rooms to within an inch of their lives.Job finished so it was a quick lunch of beans on toast with poached eggs on top and very tasty it was.
The final job for the afternoon was to throw a beef casserole together and set it cooking for dinner.I am now going to move to my comfy chair for a while because I felt a slight twinge in my back,I will return later for a nose around