I finished my modified bird feeder today. With the ground being so soft with the rain the old set up was struggling to get a firm grip.
The solution was the old laundry whirly pole which is set in a cubic foot of concrete.
I used the top two sections of the original feeder pole and sleeved the whirly pole for a snug fit. This means the lowest of the feeding trays in now 6ft off the ground and as the cats couldn't manage to reach it when it was foot lower the birds will be safe.The top can be removed on wash days,the new whirly slotted in and the feeder can
have a temporary home in the original lower half ot it's poles while the washing dries.I still need a cage for the seed and peanuts which I will get on Sunday then the birds should be happy.I just finished when the rain returned. A satisfying job and I can watch the birds from my comfy seats at the far end of the living room as shown in first photo

Here is an aww moment for you,a rare baby giraffe born at our local wild park.