I received a letter and an E.Mail today both concerning money.
The E.mail was from my energy supplier.The power companies finally got our greedy Government to drop the extra tax they had levied at them.This means my prices or gas and electricity have fallen as from the first of this month.I have been credited £7 for
payments since then on my account and a one off £12 payment as well, It may not seem a lot but over the year it mounts up.
The letter was from our greedy Government informing e my pension increase the year will be a measly £4 per week.
On the weather front things are much better today,after morning rain the day dried up and we even had a little sunshine in the afternoon.Tomorrow we are promised sunny intervals so a stroll over town may be possible.It will be so good to get a walk in and untangle the knots in my legs which suffer without regular exercise.
I had a rugby and 2 footie matches to watch today so I had a nice relaxing afternoon and early evening