A much calmer drier day today although the wind is bitingly cold.
I decided to flash the pass for my trip to town and clambered aboard the bus where I met two of the Dot's we have around. These were Irish Dot and just Dot. I spent the trip listening to just Dot who is the local Sherlock Holmes and knows everything that is going on so I got the local gossip bulletin whether I wanted it or not.
I left them in town to harass shopkeepers and made my way to Morrison's,by but it was cold going across their car park because it is right on the dockside. From there it was a walk to Iceland and a wander round to find some food. My shop is usually split about 50/50 between frozen and fresh and today was no different.A big shop today and I gave Carol on the till £39 and left them to deliver the shopping later.
As I had my full winter walking gear on I decided to stroll home via the dockside museum and the little haven,the slow wander soon turned into a brisk walk ,it was Baltic beside the channel and the wind was attempting to cut me in half.
Back home a mug of chicken soup with crusty bread soon brought me back to normal temperature.
The cats are not keen on the cold and are both curled up on their cushions by the radiator,wise kitties.
Time for some lunch then a look on here to seen whats what