After a rainy start we had sun this afternoon,a pleasant change to have it streaming through my windows and saving on fuel bills of course this room gets very cozy for a few hours with the sun on it.
Today I decided to roast a joint of mad cow for dinner with roast spuds,sprouts cabbage and small Yorkshire puddings all smothered in a rich onion gravy made from the meat stock. Chefs perks when I cooked the meat of course and the slice I took melted in the mouth,I have not tasted such succulent beef in many a year.I did it a roasting bag and it really held all the meat juices in.
Jam roly poly with Devon custard finished a fine meal off just nicely. If Jam roly poly doesn't translate stateside it is a sheet of suet pastry spread with mixed fruit jam,rolled up rather like a Swiss roll,baked in the oven and eaten piping hot.
A good meal for a winter day.