I made something I have made lots of times before for dinner,chicken breasts glazed with honey, roasted and thinly sliced, garden peas and the fried potato thingys.
This is boiled spuds mashed with milk and butter to which I add finely diced onion
and grated cheese then fry in a dry pan.
Today everything went well the cicken smelled lovely the potatoes were the right
consistancy,then it all went belly up.The longer I fried the potatoes the wetter they
got,it was like trying to turn porrige on the spatula, things din't improve with the
other side and I ended up with 4 blobs on the plates.I had obviouly gone a little mental
with the cheese which melts of course.
Still the saving grace was they tasted very good if untidy and of course you can usually eat you mistakes in cooking
Note to self ease up on the cheese next time.