This is my day so far. I arose at 7:15 with Zazzles waiting for me on the landing he
rolled over for his belly rub and sat there while I finished my ablutions and we came
down together.He wanted feeding as always
Sooty was off on an adventure.Ellen had put a load of laundry in the machine before
leaving for work and that was nearly ready for the dryer. I made a coffee fired the
computer up and read the news headines from Feedly,I don't know why I do that it
always depresses me. I gulped the last of my coffee down with my meds and set to
in the kitchen,the laundry I put on the dryer and set it off before loading the
washing machine again,time for breakfast I put some toast on and made some
Shredded wheat smothered in honey and warm milk,buttered my toast smothered it
in marmalade and set to eating. I had the first load of washing to fold which I did when it finished before washing a few pots from supper and breakfast.
Sooty appeared and wanted his morning belly rub and feeding so that was done.Then a phone call to BT to report a fault on my HD tv signal which they promised to fix
Zazzles reappeared wanting more food so I fed him.Next was getting the Vax out and vacuuming living room and kitchen after tidying the cats toys away. I waving my magic duster around for a while and housework was done. Next thing was to cook a ham roasting joint for dinner,so I scoured the top brushed in a honey and lemon mix I knocked up,put it in a roasting bag and set that going.Veg could wait until I asked Ellen what she fancied but that can be done on the hoof as it were
Time was marching on a quick trip to the corner shop for kitchen roll and a chat with a few folk then back to make chicken butties with mango chutney for lunch.
The laundry was done by then so that went into the dryer and I finally got lunch.
I want to know where all this free time is people seem to think I have.Now I am
waiting for the dryer to finish and the meat to cook The cats are also waiting,they can smell the meat and are sitting around hoping for the odd piece.
So if you don't see me around a lot you know why,this is a fairly typical day in my
life andit's not 2pm yet
I did see a little news clip on the local news
that might give you the Aaww moment Click here