I haven't been to chipper since yesterday,firstly I took a big gulp of air with the water for my tablets which hung about all day.In the early evening I started getting the odd shiver and by nine I was aching all over.I had the flu once a lot of years ago and the
symptoms seemed the same.I am as tough as a new pair of Army boots but I was no match for the flu it laid me low for 4 days burning like a boiler until I was on the mend.
This was full blown flu not the mythical "Man Flu" that ladies talk about.I have asked every female I know about that and none of them know a man who had contracted this illness. It was just fanciful women spreading stories again me thinks
Anyway in my attempt to stop this ailment in it's tracks,I turned the heat up which with flu is the last thing you want,got my jar of honey and some white pepper,heated some milk and drowned it all in brandy. I had two of these and hit the sack as soon as Jenny had rang.I have been improving as the day progressed.
The wind hadn't shifted this morning so I applied my mind to it and come up with this.
When a baby has wind you put him over your shoulder and massage his back.not having anybody here willing or able to do this I resorted to technology,my back
massaging chair.I few minutes on that and I belched like fog horn.
I'm still a little achy but another couple of toddies tonight should sort that,I'll catch up with you all tomorrow Folks.