After a tidy start to the day things became progressively worse, starting with a peak going into trough before picking up again.
I wandered over to town this morning , nice and dry with no wind
My first call was the post office to send a parcel and there was no queue,second stop Argos to pick my free Kindle up no queue,into B&M for Ellen's tea bags again no queue and finally the market for some mushrooms yet again no queue.That's
what I call a quick shopping trip.
I charged the Kindle and registered it and turned my attention to the new phone I left on charge overnight.Then things went wrong.The bugger is faulty gggrrr.An E Mail to Amazon sorted that out and a new one dispatched today,the faulty one will be picked up Friday.Then it was a matter of unplugging and repacking that phone and putting the old one Ellen gave me back on line.
I had an online label to send the faulty one back and that meant printing it off.An easy job you may thing,not quite the printer is kept under a coffee table because I rarely use it so that needed dragging out and firing up. Then as I started to print two copies of the label the cats decided to help.Sooty sat on top of the printer trying to catch the paper going in while Zazzles lay at the bottom trying to help it out.

Thanks cats.
Finally the job was done and I turned my attention to the Kindle syncing it with my desktop so I can read the books off there on the Kindle.
I felt in need of some comfort food so dinner was the sausage,bacon and tomato casserole I gave you the recipe for while ago, Clean plates from Ellen and me,it was just the thing we needed.
Time for a coffee and a browse around here now.