This morning there was no sign of the promised strong wind and rain.This altered my plan for shopping I strolled over did my big shop left it to be delivered and headed home again. I was strolling along nicely but as I got on to the bridge and
nowhere near shelter the wind started howling and the rain lashed down.I did the only thing I could do,got wet,very wet.Walking the best part of a mile into driving rain and a
strong wind is not fun. Still at least it was on the homeward leg and I was soon safely billeted again warm and cosy in fresh clothes with a strong coffee.

The postman came later looking wetter than I was but still cheerful and gave me a small parcel,it is a birthday gift for my old Mam.she is a cat and small ornament type of person so she will love it.

Pretty ain't it?
Catch you soon people arriving shortly
The only reason I made a commercial for American Express
was to pay for my American Express bill.
Peter Ustinov