It is a very calm sunny if bitterly cold day today,a big improvement on yesterday. With my live in laundry woman being away for the weekend I had to do my own today. I started it off in the machine while I had a little wander and picked up some odds and ends from Mac's,butter,milk and bread. With a couple of chats along the way it was about an hour before I got back.This was ample time for the cats to create havoc.Before I left I collected all their toys and put them on a little red and yellow bed they have.The cats didn't like this is seems,see below.

It is no cooking Saturday of course but with me being home alone I only had myself to feed.I decided of another stroll out to the local chippy for good old fashioned fish and chips,I only get a small portion of chips the full portion is overwhelming.
This afternoon's entertainment is watching 30 big men knocking lumps off each other,all good clean fun.