Ellen was going to see her new beau,the second time they have met in a short time.They are constantly on the phone to each other,it is early days but it looks promising.I do hope it works out. Ellen is a great kid and deserves a good man to look after her after 24 years with a complete arse. She phoned when she finally arrived the journey was fine,she doesn't like the viaduct cutting across Morecambe Bay even in good weather so she was worried about that.There was a speed restriction in place and all went well.Now it is just me and 2 very pissed off cats for the weekend, they do not like this weather one little bit and they are not alone.
We didn't get the very big winds but gusts of up to 66 mph are not pleasant hour after hour. 70 mph in town where 2 trees were blown down and part of a house wall collapsed crushing a car,luckily no reports of casualties.
We got off lightly for the second time in four days and third in a month.
It's a little before 7pm and for the first time today I haven't got the noise of strong winds,just a steady background noise with the odd gust, not pleasant but a lot better,roll on 3 am when after 25 long hours it stops.