I wasn’t around much yesterday because my back was wrecked and I just rested.
I postponed a visit to my mother and hoped to go today but although my back is much improved the rain is washing the streets.
Today is the 13 anniversary of Margaret's death and I am fine.Some years I fall to pieces some years I feel mellow and recall the great time we had together, this year is such a year.We will talk a lot about here over the family get together at Christmas as we will my dad who died 8 months after Margaret. His death was a relief he was deep in the grip of dementia and everything was closing down.

I recieved a Christmas card from the US today from somebody I had lost contact with.
Paula Gardner is the widow of Don and old Multiply friend who died of a heart attack and it has knocked her badly.They were together 41 years and married for 38.A sad loss Don was a true gentleman.I have lost Paula's details so couldn't contact her but now I have her address again so will write her a letter .

With the rain still falling and no jobs only dinner to do I will have another quiet day,time to catch up on some reading