Morning rain stopped my early visit to Iceland and the Post office.I had to wait until 9:30 to use my pass. I got into town and the first stop was a very busy sub post office to send a couple of parcels,luckily the tills were all manned and I was only in there 15 minutes or so.Then across the road to Iceland which had not filled up yet so a quick whiz round collecting Christmas goodies and arranging delivery for around midday I cut through the little haven for home.There was a bus at the stop just getting ready to leave,I waved and he kindly waited for me to cross the road and board. A couple of friends were on so we had a chatter on the way and I arrived back in good time and satistfied with the morning shop.

After a coffee I started to fit a coax extension lead around the skirting board.It was a good time to do it as the cats were out.I had started in and felt a tug on the cable,there was Zazzles tangling himself up in it having a great time.I shifted him so he came and watched but soon tired of the and went back to wrestling the cable.When I got to the door I had to get the steps to reach the top and at that moment Sooty appeared, after helping Zazzles with the cable he decided I needed help so climbed the steps nearly knocking me off and sat on the little platform on top.I took him down while I moved the steps but he was back up before I could pick out a couple of staples.Then he spotted the cable was within his reach,now I had Sooty on one end of it and Zazzles on the other.I had enough of their help so I put them in the garden and closed the door.I was just about to start again when the doorbell rang,it was the postman with a couple of parcels ( One from Jenny in nice wrapping paper with a bow.Thanks every do much Jenny)I started again but only got two staples in when the doorbell rang again,this time it was the Iceland delivery so everything stopped while I took the bags in.The frozen stuff needed putting away of course and when I started opening the bags Sooty and Zazzles appeared again they had sneaked in when the delivery came. I finished that job and came back in to resume the cable fitting my two little helpers trotting alongside me.I finally got it finished after more wrestling .Time for a brew I thought I put the kettle on got my mug and there through the window I saw the cats vanishing over the wall off on an adventure after their hard work.
Now my coffee mug is empty and I can go and put the grocery and chilled stuff away.Catch up when I have recovered