I finally got around to taking the shed down today,it took 1½ hours of hard slog with a crowbar,lump hammer and sledge hammer but it finally hit the ground. These large pieces of timber are a lot heavier now than when I built it,funny that, a little like ladies dress sizes.A neighbour told me if you want a size 12 nowadays you have to buy a 14.
Anyway it is down now and John popped his head over to see if he could help,he is much too old for manual work now but he did me a good turn.He is going to the tip this afternoon and he took a lot of odds and ends I would have had bother with otherwise.
If you notice behind the timber there is a jungle of stuff so more work when I finally get rid of the shed. A rest day now for me,it is no cook Saturday and Ellen's turn to pay for the take away Yippee!
That's me away for a nice hot Radox bath, catch up later.