We had a visit from Stephen this afternoon,he finishes work at lunch time Friday so popped in for an hour.He has managed to get 10 extra hours a week in at work which helps a little in these hard times.We both asked what they other was making for dinner,he was on chicken and prawns with pasta.
It's been a day for visitors about an hour after he left Gemma and Carl turned up and stayed until Stephen rang them to say dinner was ready.
A pleasant couple of hours spent with my little family even if split into two groups.
They left and Ellen was off to get ready.She goes to a friend's house on a Friday evening so it will be just me and the feline monsters.
I had already had visitors today,this morning my neighbour Elaine popped in with a Christmas card and stopped for a brew and a chin wag before toddling off to do her big shop asking me if there was anything I needed in town,that is the custom here if you are going shopping.She was followed by John who knocked on my back window.He was looking for a piece of trellis he lost in the last storm.We had a good look around the garden but it's not there.Muttering obscenities about the weather he wandered off to make a replacement.
All is calm now with Ellen getting ready to go out and the cats off on a mission,it won't last.